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181 essence, the 100% natural scent.


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Con una larga historia en la perfumería, el aceite de bergamota tiene la habilidad única de combinarse con casi todos los materiales y esencias, creando un aroma intenso y refrescante.


With a long history in perfumery, bergamot oil has the unique ability to combine with almost all the materials and essences to create an intense and refreshing aroma. A vivid and natural environment originates from the combination with the rose.

Like the bergamot, the rose is a natural ingredient that has been used in perfumery for many years. This is due to its malleability and the distinctive aroma achieved with it. Alongside the bergamot, the rose essence provides the relaxing feeling of being surrounded by flowers in a garden


Also known as “wonder”, this flower is a symbol of the Mediterranean. With a large number of properties and many years of history on the background, the calendula has a great role in perfumery.

The Mediterranean daisies are, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and aromatic flowersThe citrus used in this collection come from the Spanish Mediterranean, the best place in the world to grow these fruits. The fantastic climate of the area is unbeatable for the optimal cultivation of these high demanded citrus nowadays


The cinnamon used in the collection “Cinnamon and Orange” is imported from the exotic Sri Lanka. It is a very popular spice, easy to be recognised for its characteristic sweet aroma. It is used in perfumery to create intense, stimulating and warm environments.

The orange represents the citrus freshness of the Mediterranean crops. With an aroma as easy to recognise as the cinnamon one, it also shares essence intensity and provides the unique freshness that characterises all citrus fruits.


Originally from the East, this splendid spice is an essential element in this collection. To create the aroma of “Cinnamon and rose” we use cinnamon from Sri Lanka. Cinnamon is a natural stimulant that has been used for years to promote a warm and energising environment.

The rose of Castile proves to be a perfect companion for the cinnamon with its soft and delicate aroma. With the typical freshness of flower essences, roses have been used for years to create splendid and relaxing aromas.


Our collection is made with citrus from the Spanish Mediterranean, the best place in the world for the cultivation of these fruit trees. The incredible and always sunny climate of the area allows the optimal growth of the fruit, of a high demand.

Its light and fresh aroma will send you to evergreen fields.


The gardenia is a plant that is very difficult to grow, as it requires rather specific conditions and constant care. Nevertheless, if these requirements are met, the result is a flower of great beauty and an incomparable aroma.


The essential oil, that comes from the root of the iris flower, is difficult to get. It is required a laborious extraction process. This essence requires that the root is treated with curing and drying steps for 4 years, hence its rarity. Once the essence is achieved, it will give a revitalising and unique fragrance.


To make our products we use jasmine from Andalusia. This beautiful and resilient flower provides a unique aroma that helps to create floral, relaxing and natural environments.


The Spanish name of the orange blossom is Azahar. It is derived from the Arabic and means white flowers, with a sense of beauty and pureness. It is an essence of costly making, as it is required a tone of flowers to elaborate each kilogram of oil. The orange blossom natural properties are also valued in the high-end perfumery business.


The sandalwood is a tree native to India known as the sacred tree. Due to its properties and its perfume, it has been used in spiritual rituals for many years. Its use is currently controlled by law to prevent deforestation because of its popularity. It is not surprising that the achieved aromas are intense and elegant.

The rose of Castile is an essential ingredient in this collection, that perfectly complements the sandalwood. Equally popular and unique, the rose provides a floral and fresh touch.


Regal and sacred, this flower from the Himalaya has been present in the medicine and rituals for centuries.

Its unmistakable and intense aroma creates environments closely linked with relaxation and meditation.


With an unmatched beauty, this exotic flower native to the Himalaya mountains has been used for centuries in medicine, perfumery and sacred rituals in several religions. This is due to both its intense and exhilarating aroma and its medicinal properties.

With about 200 different species, jasmine is one of the flowers with the most recognisable aroma. Equally captivating and exotic, jasmine is the ideal complement to the tuberose. Both flowers are enhanced to create a unique, sweet and undisputed aroma.


Many civilisations have used the cedar in different disciplines for hundreds of years. It is difficult to mistake its intense aroma, that has a cheerful, traditional and elegant character.

The sandalwood also has a long history. It has been part of medicine, sacred rituals and perfumery for centuries. With an equally intense and stylish aroma, this element adds a woody touch to the collection that perfectly complements the citrus brushstroke of the lime


This exotic flower’s name can be translated as “the flower of flowers”. It has a sweet and pleasant aroma.

This flower has a long history thanks to its natural properties, used in perfumery and cosmetic treatments. Jasmine is not such a exotic flower as its companion in this collection, but it has an unquestionable beauty and a sweet aroma that evokes the fields in Southern Spain.